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1. Industrial automation and process control solutions

1.1 PLC programming with Siemens and Rockwell equipment (Allen Bradley)
1.2 HMI (Human Machine Interface) Programming
1.3 Operator interface and data export – design and installation of SCADA systems for large-scale processes
1.4 Recipes
1.5 HISTORIAN reporting

For all projects we provide maintenance and operation manuals. The documentation can be made in accordance with international standards (CE, IEC, UL, GOST).

PLC programming
Regarding PLC programming, depending on the needs of our customers, we can offer them command and process control systems, developed on the following platforms:
• SIEMENS: Simatic S7 3xx, S7 4xx, WinCC, PCS7
• ROCKWELL: Allen Bradley, RSLogix, RSView
Siemens is one of the leading technology companies and the undisputed global leader. Siemens has contributed to the development in strategic areas such as the modernization of transport systems and the energy sector, the efficiency of industrial processes, etc.
ROCKWELL Business Segments
Rockwell Automation operates in two segments – Architecture and Software and Control Products and solutions.
• Architecture and Software segment – contains key elements of Rockwell Automation control and information platforms, software applications and automation components.
• Control Products and solutions – segment consisting of engine control products and services.
ROCKWELL products:
Rockwell Automation covers control systems, industrial control components, information software, engine control devices, detection devices, network technology, safety technology and industrial security.
ROCKWELL services:
Rockwell Automation has designed systems ranging from custom-designed components to turnkey systems integration project packages. Services include repair services, asset management consulting and remote assistance and training centers.
• National Instruments: LabVIEW – monitoring applications
• Wonderware: InTouch – human-machine interface (HMI) applications

HMI Design & Development
Our specialized engineers design your HMI as a graphical representation of your automated system (Process Cell Overview) in order to meet your needs.
We design our HMIs to provide to your operators an understanding of both process details and bigger picture production trends in this way generate efficiency improvements and cost savings.
HMI Visualization may contain:
• User accounts and permissions
• Top-down architecture
• Message visualization
• CM and modes visualization (faceplates, procedural/equipment/process state)
• Alarming (actual and historical)
• Trending

SCADA & Utilities Monitoring
RAP Systems SCADA Systems offer great flexibility in use, allowing you to monitor systems and processes also with the ability to remotely control equipment over a network.
Our SCADA systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is concerned with gathering process information from industrial control processes found in utilities such as power grids, water networks, transportation, manufacturing, in order to provide the human operators with the required real-time access to industrial processes to be monitored and controlled either locally (on-site) or remotely (through Internet).
We have developed our multi-agent systems using a new architectural style for engineering complex and highly dynamic applications. This type of SCADA system has the following advantages:
• simple – easier to be implemented;
• flexible – able to adapt to its environment dynamic changes;
• interoperable – relative to the underlying control systems, which belongs to diverse of providers.
We provide SCADA system that contain everything we needed in one package. This is a system that will grow together with your factory and your business.
Using our SCADA systems, you will be able to query any parameter of any tag within your entire system and learn anything about what was happening at a certain time

RECIPES Creation & Management
• Process Cell–Recipe Category–Master Recipe structure
• Recipes stored in SQL database
• Security access control
• Built-in recipe to PLC download
• Recipe to Excel export
• Unit, ROP (Recipe operation), Phase
• Recipe parameters
• Built-in HMI material editor
• Unlimited Material attributes
• Material revision control
• Batch production planner
• Automatic Order and Batch number calculation
• Unlimited number of optional parameters
• Various batch start types–Time, ASAP, Time + Confirm
• Recipe Editor integration
• Batch Rhythm calculation
• Recipe start unit selection
• Parameters depending on Recipe Category

Reporting & HISTORIAN
1. PLC triggered events stored in SQL database
2. Built-in production reports
3. Batch List
4. ROP Report
5. Custom production reports on request
6. One data source, multiple reporting engines
7. Excel Workbook
8. Web Reports
9. Light weight web server
10. Modern user interface
11. Process data accessible over Business network
12. Custom report design
13. User based access
14. Report parameter templates
15. In line web browser reports with PDF export function

RAP Systems Historian
• advanced data storage and compression techniques
• industry-standard query interface
• open access to your process, alarm and event data
• industrial data management
• maintaining business continuity
• ensure a complete picture of operational history – Historian handles time-series data, as well as alarm and event data and captures plant data hundreds of times faster than a standard database system and utilizes a fraction of conventional storage space
• optimized data storage
• advanced data storage and compression
• maintain the data integrity needed

2. Design and execution of customized electrical command and control panels:

    We build electrical panels according to your requirements and needs! Whether it is a unique electrical panels, modular or mass production our team is always ready for new challenges.
    • We provide hardware design for all phases of electrical projects: location of equipment in the electrical control panel, wiring diagrams, installation plan;
    • We ensure the design and execution of prototypes of electrical command and control panels / instrumentation / electrical panels of unique automations or small and medium series of automation electrical panels;
    • We ensure the design and execution of electrical panels with wall mounting, on the floor or self-supporting electrical panels;
    • We ensure the modernization of obsolete command and control systems, repair and reconditioning of electrical command and control panels;
    • We also provide panels for pneumatic control, for the complete integration of the instrumentation and for the pneumatic control of the valves in the process;
    • We perform electrical panel upgrades to meet local requirements and standards (in case of relocation of production lines and / or industrial equipment).
    Our electrical panels are certified in accordance with applicable standards and bears CE mark. All electrical panels are produced at the highest standards of functionality and appearance, regardless of size or function.
    To have the best solutions for our customers, we are working with the best equipment providers in the world: Festo, Siemens, ABB, Phoenix Contact, Endress & Hauser, IFM andmany others.

    1. Site Installation & Commissioning

    • start-ups and assistance with all the equipment produced at customer’s sites.
    • control panel install and commission.
    • pre-site surveys — electrical diagram.
    We perform installation work, including the following:
    • Cable trays installation.
    • Positioning and mounting of electrical cabinets.
    • Cabling.
    • Electrical connection.
    Production completion and quality requirements are assured by our start-up and commissioning work that includes:
    • I/O checks.
    • Sensor calibration.
    • Dry and wet tests.
    • System tuning and optimization.